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Endless requests asking you to access your account or select your language

If every time you try to do something at www.zoomblog.com you always end up being asked to either sign into your account or select your language, this page explains how to solve that problem.

What happens is that either your browser is not accepting cookies, it is accepting them but not for this site, or (very rarely), there is a conflict between your browser and the cookie assigned by our server.

What to do?

First of all, make sure your browser is accepting cookies:

  1. For Internet Explorer: select Tools from the top menu, then Internet Options, then select the Privacy tab, and select a Medium High security level or lower.

    Also, in the Privacy tab you can click on Edit and in the new dialog window that'll pop up, enter www.zoomblog.com in the "Address of Web site" and click on Allow.

  2. For Firefox: Select Tools from the top menu, click on Privacy, open the cookies option, and make sure the option "Allow sites to set cookies" is selected. Also, make sure you're not blocking cookies from this site by checking the Exceptions dialog.

  3. Other browsers use similar methods

I've done all that and nothing changes... What can I do?

If your browser's cookies are active, there might be a cookie conflict. Try first to sign out and try again.

If that doesn't solve the problem, check your browser's options to manage your cookies and try deleting manually any and all cookies assigned to www.zoomblog.com.

For Internet Explorer, your best bet is to open your Windows Explorer, do a search for the folder named "Cookies" (usually under C:\Documents and Settings\your user name/Cookies) and when you find it, check that directory for a file with the cookie for www.zoomblog.com, and when you find it, delete it. It's better to close IE before doing all this.

For Firefox, select View cookies and do the same.

After you've deleted the cookie, try again.

I've don all that to no avail... Now what?

Then it's time to contact us. Let us know what browser you're using and that you've already tried everything documented in this page.



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